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September 20, 2008

Home-Cured Salmon with Black Pepper and Coriander
pine nut tuile, cucumber, dill

Sweetbread Spring Rolls
radish, pea shoots, garlic chili sauce

Seared Scallop
root beer date sauce, plantains with fermented black beans, coconut crisp

Roasted Bell Pepper & Artichoke Skewers
crunchy honey walnuts, walnut oil marinade, fresh mozzarella

Smoked Short Rib
tomato consomme, israeli couscous, onion paper, campfire smoke

Plum Membrillo
cardamom caramel foam

Chocolate Ribbon
horchata ice cream, graham, kumquat

Zambian honey truffles; mulled cider, candied young ginger

Jack: an occasional restaurant
227 4th Avenue (corner of President Street)
Brooklyn, NY 11215