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March 14, 2009

inspired by Palimpsest by Catherynne M. Valente

Heartburgers with Tangerine Relish and Sage Pesto
“The air blows fresh and sweet; it smells of tangerines and salt and white sage, and charlatans bottle this too, and sell the empty glasses to immigrants for the price of a parliament seat.”

Bulghur, Blood Orange, and Radish Salad
“There is a place on the interstate when the last black fingernails of Los Angeles fall away and the whole of the San Joaquin valley spreads out below the mountains, impossibly golden, checkered in green and wheat and strawberry fields and orange groves and infinitely long rows of radishes, where the land is shriven of all the sins of palm-bound, artifice-mad Southern California.”

Tamales of Cocoa-Rubbed Ribs with Tobacco Blackberry Sauce
“In the far north corners are raised platforms covered in offerings of cornskin, chocolate, tobacco.”

Plum Wine Brandied Quail, Fig Stuffing, Chard with Pickled Plums
“A great bell sounds and supper arrives–a tiny roasted finch placed on each plate, its head and beak and body intact, overflowing fig and breadcrumbs from its unfortunate mouth… It is sweet, at first, the burnished skin and meat, glazed in something like brandy and something like plum-wine.”

Filet Mignon, Elephant Garlic, Honey Amber Wine, Roasted Marrow Bone
“…followed by great bone platters piled up with obscene slabs of meat, ruby-bright steaks that slid over the rims of the plates, crusted in broiled white-brown skin: albino elephant, Oleg heard ten, twenty dinners breathe in ecstasy. The meat was crowned with tumbling cascades of pomegranate seeds, and drenched in honey-amber wine.“

Hot Vanilla with Sassafras and Rum
“She could not draw breath for the taste of sassafras and rum in Yumiko’s mouth, the sharpness of her small white teeth.“

Cocoa Nib Crème Caramel, Tempura Pears, Bay Foam, Mocha Sauce
“I have not seen Lucia in the waking world, nor do I know where she is while we speak here, at this place, drinking this coffee, eating this crème caramel.” and “There had been such a smell in the place of her dream, of sassafras and the sea, bay leaves and dandelion-seeds blowing wild, of coffee plants, of sweat.”

Bamboo Gelee with Clementines and Cream
I would like to live in the temple and drink bamboo tea every day…

A Lump of “Opium” with Persimmon Tea Poured Over It
“…a neat lump of opium with persimmon tea poured over it…”

Cardamom Bay Leaf Fortune Cookies
“The sky is needled with stars, and November breathes in the green cardamom and laurel of the winds of Palimpsest.”

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227 4th Avenue (corner of President Street)
Brooklyn, NY 11215