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From Kate Stine:

I should not have taken a sip of the persimmon tea with a lump of “opium” while the guest of honor was reading, bc it was omg-eyes-rolling-back good. The flavors were perfect. The sweetness with the fruity spiciness of the persimmon tea, with the whateverthehecksimulatedopiumis combined perfectly. I’ve never put anything more sublime in my mouth. Two days later, I can taste it still. AND WANT MORE.

…I have to admit, before dinner, I was expecting innovative pairings – the chefs are some of my fave mad (kitchen) scientists – but I didn’t expect how brilliantly textured the food would be. I didn’t expect how beautiful the presentation would be or how well the meal would move from course to course, with layers of flavors resting on each other, rather than competing. I loved every choice the chefs made, even if I wouldn’t've made the same choices and would’ve been WRONG.

From Catherynne M. Valente:

Seriously, there is really no better food on this earth.

From JasonA on Wine Disorder:

The space is interesting to say the least. Imagine yourself on a big empty stage, dark backdrop all around you and your table lit by a spotlight – that was Jack. The servers moved in and out, barely making a sound. The food was great and they have featured chefs that are all too happy to come out from behind the curtain and engage in conversation if you are so inclined… It was quite the surreal experience.

From Seduction Meals:

The cuisine is eclectic, innovative, and very tasty. The service impeccable. The ambiance…100% theatrical, I felt as though I was dining on a stage. The food delicous and wildly creative.

From Leeann:

Jack was amazing.

The food was soo good and beautiful. We were celebrating our third anniversary and had a lot of fun being there. We thought it was much better compared to a normal fancy restaurant where the dishes often seem to overload and depend on butter and salt. At Jack, your food was flavorful, full, stimulating, and wonderfully creative while still comfortable and real. Often, it seems a fancy restaurant thinks they’re food is so great even if it’s just asparagus tinted heavy cream or whatever. I don’t know how else to put it, except that at Jack all the tastes were really about food. Food, what you eat to stay alive and happy and healthy. Of course, this was food with all these additional layers of unusual exquisiteness. We left feeling really satisfied and pampered. Without the gross, abused body feeling.

From Urban Pioneer:

As you know, I have a lot of weird food issues, and they worked with my issues beautifully. I had a fantastic meal that didn’t trigger me at all… Often, when I’ve been places, I feel a bit jealous that I can’t have what everyone else was having. I didn’t feel jealous last night!

…I want to go back. Maybe the night before my wedding ;)

Jack is BYOB, intimate, communal, friendly, fun, surprising, theatrical, educational, and most of all – delicious.

From Dmitri Zagidulin:

Their food… Well, those two are really good cooks. Their food disturbs me. It’s kind of a religious experience, actually… take these molten chocolate lava-cake things with sour cherries that they made in the muffin tin. Ignoring the fact that I adore sour cherries, and that the chocolate mix was made from scratch.. the whipped cream they served on top was smoked. As in, it was fresh-whipped cream, with smoke powder in it. Who does that? Why would you think of it? But it was obscenely delicious.

…Food on that level is like a slap in the face for me. It shocks, it focuses, it says “Wake UP.” I’m full of questions afterwards — why did the cook(s) do this? Why pay so much attention to the food, which is going to be gone in a second? How is it possible to focus just so, on such a transient a thing?

…Ok, you know how I say they cook some of the best food I’ve ever had in my life, including at the most fancy restaurants? Well, they’re opening a restaurant of their own… I have no words, man. This promises to be incredibly good. Look them up if you’re ever in the area.

Jack: an occasional restaurant
227 4th Avenue (corner of President Street)
Brooklyn, NY 11215