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Why did Jack close?

Unspecified practical difficulties. (Helpful, aren’t we?) We’re at least as heartbroken as you are, we assure you. If we ever decide to re-open, we’ll surely announce it here and on our mailing list first.

We left the old FAQ as is, below.

Sweetbread Ochazuke

Who does the cooking?

All the cooking and much of the service at Jack is done by Danielle Sucher and Dave Turner, the chefs behind the food blog Habeas Brûlée. All photography and most of the writing is done by Danielle, who also writes a food column for Gothamist. Dave handles the technical side of things.

When they’re not in the kitchen, Danielle is an attorney with her own law firm, and Dave is a programmer.

Why Jack?

Danielle and Dave are both jacks of all trades, and Jack is another expression of that. Also, in all stories, jacks are the element of change that lets the world happen.

If your name is Alan Turner, though, we named it after your father.

How do you handle dietary restrictions?

We are human and have our likes and dislikes, some quite strong. We will try to accommodate yours. Since Jack has a fixed menu, though, it’s difficult to make last-minute substitutions if you don’t tell us your needs in advance. But don’t panic! If there’s a meal you’re interested in, you can email us with a list of your dietary restrictions, and we’ll see if we can adjust your dinner to meet your needs.

Persian Pomegranate Soup (Ash-e Anar)

Be specific: no nuts whatsoever, or are almond butter and pecan pie okay? Is it an allergy, or just a dislike? This is so we know whether to worry about microscopic particle-type contamination, or just texture or flavor. If your needs conflict too much and we can’t adjust the menu, we’ll let you know so that you can transfer your reservation to another date.

Please tell us about your dietary restrictions even if you don’t see anything problematic on the menu. Some dishes may have surprising ingredients, and we may also offer some unannounced courses with each meal.

When is Jack open?

Jack always takes place on Saturday nights, beginning at 7 pm and running to approximately 10 pm.

There are no remaining dates for which we are still accepting reservations (click here to make your reservations at least 72 hours in advance):

Menus will appear here (hopefully) several weeks in advance for each dinner.

All menus are subject to last-minute change, usually due to either the variable availability of seasonal produce or sudden inspiration.

Cranberry Quince Sorbet

How many people do you seat?

This number will vary between 14 and 20 depending on the night, at least for now. You are welcome to make reservations for as few as one person or as many as it takes to fill the restaurant that night.

If you would like to discuss possible catering for a larger group or for a date other than those listed above, please email us.

How much is dinner at Jack?

Dinner is $75/person, gratuities not included. You must reserve and pay online in advance here.

What is your reservation cancellation policy?

We cannot offer refunds. If you have to cancel and can let us know by the Monday before your dinner, we will be happy to change your reservation to a different date.

Is there a dress code?


Duck Hearts
with Cinnamon Juniper Sauce

Is there a wine pairing available?

Jack is BYOB, and tea and water will generally be the only beverages served. There is no corkage fee. Corkscrews and wine glasses are of course provided.

What happens if I am late?

Dinner will begin at 7 pm for everyone else, and we will do our best to accommodate you when you arrive. This may mean missing the unannounced courses that we sometimes offer to our guests near the beginning of the meal, so we strongly suggest that you try to arrive on time.

Are families with children welcome?

Absolutely, as long as the children are well-behaved. Be aware that the space is very large, so there is both room to run around and room to get into trouble. There is no children’s menu available.

Is Jack accessible to the disabled?

Jack takes place on the second floor of the Brooklyn Lyceum, and unfortunately there is no elevator in the building.

Can I bring my pet?

Please don’t. However, service animals are welcome.

Do you serve vegetarian or vegan meals?

We’re both fairly serious carnivores, so it may be a while before we can offer a fully vegetarian or vegan meal that is up to the standards of our usual cooking. Since we’ve had a number of requests for vegetarian or vegan food, though, we’re working on creating a few vegetarian menus. Sign up for the mailing list, and we’ll make an announcement when we’ve got it figured out.

What is your food philosophy?

We use organic, local ingredients whenever possible, but when it’s not, we just go for quality. We believe in slow cooking, attention to detail, and doing things the hard way when it will make the food taste better in the end. We love the science of cooking as well as the art, but since chocolate tastes better than science, we still don’t use gelatin in our chocolate mousse.

What makes Jack an occasional restaurant rather than an underground restaurant?

Jack is above ground – literally, on the second floor of the Brooklyn Lyceum, and figuratively, because we’re not hiding from the law. Much as we love the thought of being glamorous outlaw bandits, Jack is not underground because it doesn’t have to be. The Brooklyn Lyceum holds the permits needed to operate Jack out in the open.

Can members of our party reserve separately?

Absolutely! But if you do, please drop us an email at to let us know, so we can set up your table appropriately. Otherwise, you may show up for dinner to find a collection of small tables for one waiting for you.

Who was that charming, intelligent, conscientious, eloquent, and well-informed waiter?

Probably one of: David Gold, Ariana Moses, Miriam Wright, Karen Baker, Bonnie Aumann, or Dr. Elizabeth Royston. We hope you appreciate their help as much as we do. We would also like to thank Neal Zupancic for making everything possible.

Can I avoid the booking fee?

Yes, but only if you go to the Lyceum when Eric happens to be there and write him a check on the spot.

When is Eric there?


Jack: an occasional restaurant
227 4th Avenue (corner of President Street)
Brooklyn, NY 11215