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October 24, 2009

Tuna Tartar
mango, passionfruit, sev

Roasted Sugar Pumpkin
minty yogurt, beef sauce

Cinnamon Stick Kabob
chili palm sugar sauce, cucumber

Duck Crostini
cabbage, apple, pomegranate seeds

Smoked Pear Salad
kohlrabi, edamame, greenmarket greens, pimento marcona almonds

green peppercorn braised chicken, chanterelles, crispy chicken skin

spicy honeycomb candy

Chocolate-Whiskey Pudding Cake
grape sorbet, hazelnut amaretti, coffee honey, lime

makrut lime leaf truffle; chestnut mochi

July 18, 2009

Peach Soup
nicoise olive cookie

mango, turmeric, macademia, seasonal greens

passionfruit vinegar, coconut milk, sea beans

Skirt Steak
pecan mole, new potatoes, zucchini, garlic scapes, cocoa nibs

Cherry Chili Duck Breast
cherry chili bean sauce, baby chard

Plum Sake Sorbet
wood sorrel, bitter almond streussel

Ginger Cake
cocoa nib ice cream, chocolate mousse crisp, blueberries

smoked paprika maple truffle; sage cookie

June 13, 2009

Strawberry Mostardo
roasted rice powder, strawberry vinegar, mustard oil

Seasonal Greens
a bouquet

Son-in-Law Eggs
palm sugar, tamarind

Lamb Chops
pecan mole, new potatoes, zucchini, garlic scapes, cocoa nibs

Tomato Consomme
pickled garlic seeds, sugar snap peas

Cherry Chili Duck Breast
cherry chili bean sauce, baby chard, radishes

beet meringue with chevre; mango sorbet with pea blossoms

almond, corn, sesame, passionfruit

cajeta truffle; persimmon tea with “opium”

May 16, 2009

Fiddlehead Ferns
candied grapefruit peel, chevre

Seared Tuna
kumquat ice, shiso, charred scallion, jicama

Ramp Ravioli
duck, seasonal mushrooms

Trio of Rhubarb
fava beans, Sichuan peppercorns; cucumber, as sorbet; fesenjan briwats

Pearl Tapioca
braised short rib, tomato jam, molasses-soy, arugula

A Small Tartlet
chestnut cream, sour cream

Thai Tea Cake
lemongrass pot de crème, basiled basil seeds, coconut crisp, ginger, lime

meyer lemon cocoa nib truffle; honey pecan caramel

April 18, 2009

mango, turmeric, macademia

Sage Linguine
brown butter, granola, beets, sorrel

Fried Calamari
sea beans, fenugreek salt, parsnip ginger soup

Foie Gras
ice wine, kumquat marmalade, brioche, kohlrabi, kale

Cucumber Salad
lemongrass, mint

Miso Honey Chicken
plum membrillo, burdock, pickled ginger foam

Blood Orange Sorbet with Basil
a palate cleanser

Carrot Cake
pecan caramel, red palm oil, sultana-pecan-ginger sweet chutney

matcha cookie; malted banana truffle

March 14, 2009

inspired by Palimpsest by Catherynne M. Valente

Heartburgers with Tangerine Relish and Sage Pesto
“The air blows fresh and sweet; it smells of tangerines and salt and white sage, and charlatans bottle this too, and sell the empty glasses to immigrants for the price of a parliament seat.”

Bulghur, Blood Orange, and Radish Salad
“There is a place on the interstate when the last black fingernails of Los Angeles fall away and the whole of the San Joaquin valley spreads out below the mountains, impossibly golden, checkered in green and wheat and strawberry fields and orange groves and infinitely long rows of radishes, where the land is shriven of all the sins of palm-bound, artifice-mad Southern California.”

Tamales of Cocoa-Rubbed Ribs with Tobacco Blackberry Sauce
“In the far north corners are raised platforms covered in offerings of cornskin, chocolate, tobacco.”

Plum Wine Brandied Quail, Fig Stuffing, Chard with Pickled Plums
“A great bell sounds and supper arrives–a tiny roasted finch placed on each plate, its head and beak and body intact, overflowing fig and breadcrumbs from its unfortunate mouth… It is sweet, at first, the burnished skin and meat, glazed in something like brandy and something like plum-wine.”

Filet Mignon, Elephant Garlic, Honey Amber Wine, Roasted Marrow Bone
“…followed by great bone platters piled up with obscene slabs of meat, ruby-bright steaks that slid over the rims of the plates, crusted in broiled white-brown skin: albino elephant, Oleg heard ten, twenty dinners breathe in ecstasy. The meat was crowned with tumbling cascades of pomegranate seeds, and drenched in honey-amber wine.“

Hot Vanilla with Sassafras and Rum
“She could not draw breath for the taste of sassafras and rum in Yumiko’s mouth, the sharpness of her small white teeth.“

Cocoa Nib Crème Caramel, Tempura Pears, Bay Foam, Mocha Sauce
“I have not seen Lucia in the waking world, nor do I know where she is while we speak here, at this place, drinking this coffee, eating this crème caramel.” and “There had been such a smell in the place of her dream, of sassafras and the sea, bay leaves and dandelion-seeds blowing wild, of coffee plants, of sweat.”

Bamboo Gelee with Clementines and Cream
I would like to live in the temple and drink bamboo tea every day…

A Lump of “Opium” with Persimmon Tea Poured Over It
“…a neat lump of opium with persimmon tea poured over it…”

Cardamom Bay Leaf Fortune Cookies
“The sky is needled with stars, and November breathes in the green cardamom and laurel of the winds of Palimpsest.”

February 21, 2009

Miso Butterscotch Pork Buns
the title is very descriptive

Winter Caprese Salad
fresh mozzarella, olive oil, salt; tangerine, juniper, ginger syrup

Seared Scallop
root beer date sauce, plantains with fermented black beans, coconut crisp

Filet Mignon
blood orange froth, curried potato, dukkah crumble

Braised Duck, Crosnes, Prune
crispy green peppercorns, cabbage, onion paper, thai tea butter

Amaretto Chocolate Mousse
lime, chipotle

Walnut Pain de Genes
tempura apples, maple crema, sage ice cream, port syrup

chevre truffle; rosemary pear sorbet

January 24, 2009

sage pesto, tangerine relish

Seared Scallop and Sunchoke Soup
savory pear jam, pickled radishes

Pulled Pork
molasses ginger sauce, apples, pancetta

Braised Duck, Parsley Root, Prune
crispy green peppercorns, cabbage, onion paper, thai tea butter

Artichoke and Blood Orange Salad
frisee, cardamom

Hot Vanilla
sassafras, rum

Turmeric Saffron Cake
meyer lemon sorbet, argan oil whipped cream, almond praline, thyme

chevre truffle; pear mousse

December 6, 2008

Bison Kofte
eucalyptus, prune

Clementine Saffron Rice
quail leg confit, pan-seared quail breast, sorrel, mushroom clouds

oat, pomegranate, capers

Butternut Squash Soup
pumpkin seed cream, ginger ale froth, pickled garlic seeds

Bread and Pickles
tangerine cucumber; coriander pear; radish kimchi; ciabatta; sourdough

Roasted Short Ribs
date molasses, rosemary fettuccine

Bamboo Leaf
clementine, cream

Sour Cherry Molten Chocolate Cake
mesquite whipped cream, almond tuile, sour cream bourbon ice cream

sassafras marshmallow; fennel soda

November 1, 2008

Banana Onigiri
cilantro, bonito

Roasted Sugar Pumpkin
minty yogurt, beef sauce

Kimchi Shrimp
sesame, asian pear

Pink Grapefruit
sugar snap peas, fresh mint

Squid Ink Turtei Ci La Cua
basil, pine nut, apricot, gruyere

Seared Duck Breast
horseradish steak sauce, roasted barley2, something green

Hot Quince
nutmeg froth

Ginger Cake
cranberry quince sorbet, sour cream bourbon ice cream, pumpkin seed mousse, pumpkin seed cocoa nib brittle

cinnamon caramel cookies; candied cranberries

October 4, 2008

Pink Grapefruit
sugar snap peas, fresh mint

Pork Sundried Tomato Cappelletti
pomegranate walnut sauce, sev

Cranberry Port Fried Chickpeas
delicata squash, macademia snow

Sautéed Duck Hearts
cinnamon juniper, english muffin, a light green

Butter-Poached Lobster
pink peppercorns & Balinese long pepper, edamame, grapefruit crisp, tempura quail egg

Nectarine Soup
saffron, toasted almond, lemongrass

Roasted Dates
rosemary pear sorbet, molasses cookies, candied young ginger

pumpkin seed mousse & plum membrillo; chestnut hot chocolate

September 20, 2008

Home-Cured Salmon with Black Pepper and Coriander
pine nut tuile, cucumber, dill

Sweetbread Spring Rolls
radish, pea shoots, garlic chili sauce

Seared Scallop
root beer date sauce, plantains with fermented black beans, coconut crisp

Roasted Bell Pepper & Artichoke Skewers
crunchy honey walnuts, walnut oil marinade, fresh mozzarella

Smoked Short Rib
tomato consomme, israeli couscous, onion paper, campfire smoke

Plum Membrillo
cardamom caramel foam

Chocolate Ribbon
horchata ice cream, graham, kumquat

Zambian honey truffles; mulled cider, candied young ginger

August 9, 2008

Amuse Bouche
duck confit, figs with mustard seeds and curry leaves

Cucumber Soup
pickled garlic seeds, fresh gherkins, little sandwiches

sage pickled plums, brandied sultanas, almonds, sesame crackers

Seared Tuna
passionfruit vinegar, coconut milk, sea beans

Braised Oxtail
fresh watermelon, apricot blatjang

Hibiscus Lime Spheres
a palate cleanser

Chocolate-Whiskey Pudding Cake
caramelized grated rye bread, champagne grapes

blueberry honey tartlets; white chocolate peach ginger cookies

July 12, 2008

Amuse Bouche
duck confit, figs with mustard seeds and curry leaves

A Few Light Summer Soups
corn, lime; tomato, pickled garlic seeds

Roasted Pattypan Squash
kimchi grits, onion confit, squash blossoms, garlic croutons

Salsa Verde
lime chipotle shrimp, rice noodles, Rancho Gordo rio zape beans

Baby Back Ribs
sour cherry barbecue sauce, garlic scapes, cornbread

Blueberry Soda
a palate cleanser

Rum Plum
miso crème brûlée, amaretto granita, black cardamom basil seeds

raspberry almond tartlets; cardamom peach truffles

June 7, 2008

duxelles, kataifi

Heirloom Beans and Turkish Burdock
tomato jam, almonds, crostini

Cumin-Juniper Skirt Steak
garlic scapes, potatoes and morels, radish salad

Banana Chestnut Custard
hibiscus glass, bee pollen, chocolate crunchies

Note: We had two seatings on June 7th, one at 6pm and one at 8pm, so that after dinner diners could go see The Unidentified or Pang Nat Det at the Brooklyn International Film Festival. Because these meals were shorter than usual due to the extra seatings, the price was reduced to $50/person for this date only.

May 24, 2008

Amuse Bouche
date fritter, chanterelle duxelles

Fiddlehead Fern Salad
grapefruit confit, chevre

Sweetbread Ochazuke
green tea, bonito rice, nutty nodules

Sichuan Basteeya
flaky pastry, chicken, hot and tingly

Rabbit & Morel Ragu
barley pancakes, pickled garlic seeds

Fennel Soda
a palate cleanser

Strawberry Tarragon Sorbet
chocolate, crunchies, lemon honey, sugar snap peas

almond honey caramel chews, sichuan peppercorn sugared rhubarb

May 3, 2008

Amuse Bouche
fava beans, seaweed pop rocks

Ramp Udon Soup
bacon consommé, asparagus tempura

Roasted Marrow Bone
radish watercress salad, toast

Pan-Seared Red Snapper
soupy saffron rice, braised leeks with hazelnuts and balsamic vinegar

Moroccan Inspired Pork Shank
apricots, couscous, cucumber salad

Orange Watermelon Sorbet
a palate cleanser, with lemon

Sour Cherry Twist
almond, matcha, cocoa nib, saffron, sage

Dragon Eye oolong tea cookies, lemon honey Sichuan peppercorn truffles

April 12, 2008

Rhubarb Soup
nicoise olive shortbread cookie

Winter Caprese Salad
fresh mozzarella, olive oil, salt; tangerine, juniper, ginger syrup

Seared Scallops
lime, kecap manis, red cabbage; chili, grapefruit, seaweed salad

Ducky Heirloom Bean Bruschetti
Rancho Gordo cellini runner beans, argan oil

Miso Butterscotch Pork Buns
the title is very descriptive

Grapefruit Rosemary Sorbet
a palate cleanser

Bananas and Rum
pumpkin seed tuiles, sesame creme anglaise

lemon rose almond marshmallows, balsamic fudge drops

Jack: an occasional restaurant
227 4th Avenue (corner of President Street)
Brooklyn, NY 11215